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Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness Made Simple.

Pregna-Fit is designed to give expectant and new mothers an effective, safe, and challenging exercise experience at one of the most pivotal times in life. Feel confident about moving well with our certified and experienced instructors and connect with other healthy-minded moms.

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“I can’t say enough good things about Nora’s classes for all levels. She’s amazing! Nora creates an approachable environment where she uses her vast knowledge of women’s bodies to really help you understand your own strength. Though we work out in small groups, I feel like I’m getting a personal training session. She gives each class member lots of time and attention. Most importantly, Nora never makes me feel intimidated but still helps me to push my limits. I was really nervous to start working out again and not once did she ever make me feel uncomfortable or out of shape. She has provided me with invaluable guidance and confidence and I’m much stronger for it. Plus she’s super sweet and plays great music, so who doesn’t love that? Whether you’re pregnant, postpartum, or just looking to start a new routine, I can’t recommend Nora highly enough.”

“I love Pregna-Fit! Nora has created a warm, welcoming, informal environment where we don’t take ourselves too seriously but manage to get in an amazing workout! She is so patient with my pregnancy brain and will tell me numerous times how to do a particular exercise. It is seriously motivating to workout with other pregnant mommas- particularly those who are 39 weeks! I had no idea that that was even an option and was thinking I would be home bound by that time but this class has really inspired me to continue my routine right up until I give birth. It is worth the time and money as I find it hard to motivate myself to do a similar routine at home, solo. Treat yourself and your baby to these classes!”

“I’m so glad I got to join Nora for a few classes during my pregnancy. I am a very active mom and it was really nice to workout with other pregnant moms-to-be who all had the same goals, to stay fit and strong during their pregnancies! Nora is very knowledgeable and always challenged me with new exercises to add to my fitness routine. I can’t say enough good things about her class. She helped me feel strong and capable of anything which really helped me have a healthy delivery for baby #3. Thank you Nora for all you do for pregnant women out there. We need more trainers like you!”


“I was lucky to have a healthy and comfortable pregnancy which I in part attribute to my weekly workouts with Nora. She was a great motivator, very knowledgeable and able to foster a community in the classes for women to support each other during their pregnancies. I am 12 weeks postpartum now and I’m continuing to work with Nora to focus on my fitness and ease back into exercising and healing post-baby! I’d recommend her classes to anyone.”


“This is my first pregnancy, and I never imagined I’d feel this good at 25 weeks. I love being coached by someone so knowledgeable about the changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy, and knows how to push the limits and give a great workout without discomfort or worry. An added bonus, getting to spend time with other pregnant women and developing new friendships. I highly recommend this class!”


“Pregna-Fit helped me maintain a healthy weight during the end of my pregnancy and allowed me to keep working out to stay strong and moving! The small group environment and support from Nora is a great part of the Pregna-Fit classes. She is so experienced and is enjoying the pregnancy journey will us as well! I’m excited to get back to working out now that baby is here!”


“Absolutely one of the smartest decisions I made with this pregnancy was getting started with Nora early on at Pregna-Fit. She offers safe strength training knowledge & much personal attention. You are not lost in the shuffle. I am now a Pregna-fit “alumni” and enjoying Strength for Moms. I feel healthier, more confident, and even better than I did before pregnancy!”


“I have only been in Nora’s class for a week and I already love it! It’s important to me to stay as fit as possible during my pregnancy and Nora makes that enjoyable and safe. Being a first time mom and not knowing what is right or wrong, in regards to exercising is stressful, and I am so grateful I’ve found someone I can trust to help with this! The classes are great.”


“This is my second pregnancy. During my first I was teaching dance so I was still doing some cardio, but I have to say that training with Nora and implementing strength and circuit training has made a world of difference this time around! I feel so strong and healthy and am so glad to have such an amazing program with such an experienced trainer.”


“Love love love Pregna-Fit! Nora is absolutely fabulous! She is so knowledgeable and very personable. Her patience and awesome workouts have made the start of this new chapter in my life that much easier! It is also an awesome way to connect with other mamas-to-be! Pregna-fit is a great way to stay active and healthy!”


“This is exactly what I have been looking for! I’ve only been going to classes for about a month now but absolutely love it! I leave feeling energized and it’s something that I look forward to each week. Nora is fabulous and extremely knowledgeable. I’d recommend this class to anyone and everyone!”


“Pregna-Fit is an amazing resource for pregnant women who want to stay fit, prepare for labor, and meet other health-conscious mamas-to-be. You couldn’t find a better trainer than Nora! I plan on starting with her postpartum fitness program as soon as possible after my baby is born!”


“I have been working with Nora for about 6 months. I have learned so much about how to train postpartum from her. I can’t say enough about how much I have enjoyed the Mommy and Me, Strength for Moms and private work with Nora. I highly recommend any classes with Nora!”


“I love going to this class. It’s motivating and an effective workout. I enjoy working out with other pregnant women and the instructor Nora is very knowledgeable and fun. It’s been a great workout and I can’t wait to continue with classes after I have my baby.”


“So thankful for Mama Strength and Nora’s knowledge and support! I feel stronger than ever before (dare I even say pre-baby!) So grateful for all I’ve gained from these amazing sessions! Highly recommend.”


“Nora is super knowledgeable and accommodates every class to meet the needs of her individual clients. She’s pretty much my pregnancy inspiration!”


“Mommy and Me Strength was great for me and my baby. Highly recommend!”


Greater Albany Studio

All Pregna-Fit & Postpartum classes are held at our Her Strength Studio which is conveniently located just 15 minutes outside of Albany in Latham, NY. Stop by our studio today and see what we’re all about!

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